In-House Accountant Versus Outsourced Accountant Comparison


Staff   Accountant In-House   Accountant Outsourced Accountant Annual Savings Savings   Percentage
Annual Salary $41,800 $24,000 $17,800 43%
Payroll Taxes   (10%) $4,180 None $4,180 100%
Employee   Benefits (43%) $18,000 None $18,000 100%
THE BOTTOM   LINE $63,980 $24,000 $39,980 62%
Note: This chat is just for comparison only and fee may vary according to each client’s needs.For more detail-cost of hiring a full-time employee, read the report: Practical Advise for Entrepreneurs by Joe Hadzima-a Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management by clicking on: