"100% U.S. Based Accountants"

About Us

Accountiviti Advisors is a subsidiary of NextMargin Corporation – a privately held “C” Corporation based in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA.

Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to provide customers with accounting outsourcing solutions that reduce overheads and eliminate the payment of payroll expenses, benefits and accounting errors. We advise our customers to put their accounting and bookkeeping under accountant’s control and supervision. Our vision is to be the first choice nationwide for accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing. We give our customers more-for-less without compromising quality, and customers can see what we do for them at anytime and from anywhere through the Internet.

What We Do:

Accountiviti Advisors is a US-based accounting outsourcing partner to small businesses, non-profit organizations and CPA firms located in any city or town within the United States. What sets us apart from competitors is that “you can see what we do for you.” Our CFO and Accountants will handle your daily accounting and bookkeeping workloads which will helps you to focus more fully on product development, marketing, branding, and vision clarity.

Our Staff:

Our US based staff who are CFO and Full-charge Accountants with expertise in Accounting Relief, QuickBooks and other financial software will handle all your daily bookkeeping and financial data-entries of your business transactions through our accounting outsourcing method to generate daily, weekly and month-end financial reports for your management.

The meter is never running at Accountiviti Advisors. We encourage our customers to call us any time they have questions and get quick, expert advice on any business issues even not accounting related, we will try to help. We provide free unlimited support to our customers.

Our Customers:

We work with small businesses, non-profit organizations  and CPA firms who need to eliminates or reduce the payment of payroll expenses, benefits and those who are too busy to manage their own finances or too small to build an in-house accounting department. In most cases, our customers are not looking for traditional accounting help. They are looking for total accounting support and advice that will help them take their business to the next level. Generally speaking, our customers have been in business for one to two years or more and have annual revenues between $100K-$50 million.

For more information call us at 1-888-810-7070.