Service Benefits

Every organization – be it small or large need a Chief Financial Officer level Accountant and a Full-Charged Accountant who knows more than crunching numbers. The world is full of Accountants who can put the “right” numbers in the right boxes on the right forms by the deadlines. But are they making sure you get all the breaks you deserve to minimize your taxes and increase your bottom-line?

When was the last time your Accountant came to you and said “here is an idea I think will save you money or reduce your overhead to increase your profitability?” This is what Accountiviti can do for your organization. Our “accounting outsourcing method” assists our customers to make sure:

  • That customers will not continue to bring their shoe-boxes of papers to their Accountants every year.
  • Our services will reduce your overheads; you will no longer be paying payroll expenses and benefits when you outsource your accounting to us.
  • From the first day of contract with us, we make sure that your organizations books are computerized with your management access to daily financial reports.
  • We also assist you to keep your accounting and bookkeeping every day of the year thereby ending your worries of doing your books after-the-fact each year.
  • Your assigned CFO’s or Full-Charged Accountants will provide total accounting outsourcing solutions that will reduce your overheads and increase your profits.
  • The meter is never running at Accountiviti Advisors. We provide free unlimited phone and remote support to our customers when they need it.

We partner with small businesses and non-profit organizations located in any city or town within the United States to handle their accounting and bookkeeping workloads which helps them to focus more fully on product development, marketing, branding, and vision clarity.

Take a good look at our services and outsourcing plans above. For free-consultation and to become one of our customers, call 1-888-810-7070 x 201 or Click here to request  for service.