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Payroll Relief

Payroll Relief is a Web-based payroll application that allow us and our clients to process payroll from anywhere at any time convenient to you. Since the system is always updated, there’s no software or updates to install. Below are some of the reason why you should use Payroll Relief:

  1. Exceptional value: Accountiviti is offering Payroll Relief free-of-charge to all our new “monthly accounting outsourcing clients” based on selected plan.
  2. Fast processing: Payroll Relief reduces your work to a bare minimum, letting you process payrolls for companies with 5 to 1,000 employees in minutes. Here’s how:
    • Minimizes data entry in your office: Many simple, efficient entry methods, including import via Excel spreadsheet, make data entry so easy that most clients can do it themselves, saving you a tremendous amount of time.
    • High level of automation: Once data is entered, Payroll Relief does the rest—complex payroll computations, direct deposit, electronic tax payments for federal and states including child support, e-filing of yearly and quarterly tax forms—automatically. You just supervise and monitor.
  3. Highly comprehensive: Payroll Relief can handle virtually any payroll easily.
  4. Incredibly easy to use: Anyone can learn to use the system with little training.
  5. Full monitoring and management tools: Our exclusive Payroll Center lets you manage your entire payroll practice effectively.
  6. Highly secure: We employ the most sophisticated 128 bit-SSL encryption available today for data transmission. Servers located in secured data centers are protected by state-of-the-art firewalls and intrusion detection systems.
  7.  Nothing to install: Get started with minimal investment of money or time. You only need a PC with a high-speed internet connection and the application platform.
  8. Fully Bonded: Payroll Relief and our Provider are fully bonded, ensuring that customers are always protected against potential losses if payroll and tax payments are not made because of any inappropriate action on the part of the company or its employees.
  9. Free Employees Portal: Employees can access their own payroll information securely and conveniently: viewing their personal profile, maintaining address information, and viewing/printing pay statements and W-2’s/1099’s.
  10. Demo: Here is a 5-minute presentation about our Payroll Solution that introduces you to our service and shows how you will benefit from it.

Please call 1-888-810-7070 to take advantage of free-payroll-service forever for your organization based on selected plan.