What We Do

Accountiviti Advisors is a leading US-based virtual accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing partner to small businesses and non-profit organizations located in any city or town within the United States. We have been keeping clients books for them virtually since 2005. Clients hire our team of dedicated experienced CFO’s and Accountants as back-office to save them lots of money, headaches and increase profitability.

See below what we can do for your organization:

  • We offer free evaluation of your accounting department to provide recommendations and solutions to cut out waste and reduce overheads
  • Our client’s gets a team of two-for-one experienced CFO’s and Accountants as back-office staff that works daily on your accounting workloads.
  • We save clients lots of money, up-to 50% of in-house staffing costs and increases profitability by making sure that no benefits and payroll expenses are ever paid for the service we rendered.
  • Client will never continue to bring their shoe-boxes of papers to their Accountants every year – we will computerize your bookkeeping-period.

Call us today at 1-888-810-7070 to ask for a free evaluation of your organization.