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Accounting Outsourcing

Clients hire our team of experienced CFO’s and Accountants as virtual back-office to save them.

QuickBooks Services

Accountiviti provides ongoing accounting outsourcing to QuickBooks users. We also provide unlimited.

Tax Services

Accountiviti Tax Planning & Preparation Services are designed to help you to take advantage of qualified.

Start-up Services

Accountiviti Advisors CFO’s can assist you in all your business start-up needs. Call us at 1-888-810-7070.

Non-Profit Services

Our Accounting Outsourcing for non-profit organizations is designed to reduce overheads and accounting.

Corporate Credit Services

The Business Credit Foundation Service is design for business owners who need corporate credits without-personal-guarantee (meaning obtaining business credit without using your Social Security Number but your Federal ID Number).

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What our Customers Say

"Accountiviti Advisors team of professional accountants are the best in what they do. They assisted in incorporating my non-profit organization and filed for the 501 (C) 3 Tax-Exempt Status. To our surprise and disappointment, the IRS denied our application for Tax-Exempt. Thanks to Shola Muyide, CFO of Accountiviti – who appealed the IRS decision and help us to fight for our right. I am very happy to say that six-months later our organization received our 501 (C) 3 Tax-Exempt Status. Since then, I have been recommending the Professionals at Accountiviti to all my friends. Nobody does it better like Accountiviti Advisors!."

M.A.-President,FarooQ Charities Inc.(www.farooqcharities.org)

"We are non-profit agency based in Boston, and have been using the Assigned Accountant + CFO Outsourcing since 2008 to-date. The Professionals at Accountiviti Advisors has made our accounting department better and paperless. We have been able to reduce the overhead cost of our accounting department by 50% a year. “To have the rest of mind that our accounting books are update and I can speak with the CFO anytime I need him is a big plus for my organization. I have always recommend Accountiviti Advisors to any CEO who need teams of professional accountants support but do not have a huge budget to hire in-house staff."

AS-CEO, Victory Human Services Inc.(www.victoryhs.com)

"Accountiviti Advisors CFO, Shola Muyide was recommended to me by one of my friends to assist us to register and file for the 501 (C) 3 Tax-Exempt Applications for my new non-profit organization. Their team of professional went to work and filed our application in December 2011 and we got the IRS acknowledgement letter on December 27, 2011. To my delight, we got the 501 (C) 3 Tax-Exempt Status on January 30, 2012 – No Question Asked by the IRS. I can’t really believe it – Accountiviti CFO made our year, they are the best. I hereby highly recommend their accounting and tax services to anyone who need good results."

Dr.AA –President, Dabar Charities Inc.(www.dabarcharities.org)

Service Benefits

Every organization – be it small or large need a Chief Financial Officer level Accountant and a Full-Charged Accountant who knows more than crunching numbers. The world is full of Accountants who can put the “right” numbers in the right boxes on the right forms by the deadlines. But are they making sure you get all the breaks you deserve to minimize your taxes and increase your bottom-line? When was the last time your Accountant came to you and said “here is an idea I think will save you money or reduce your overhead to increase your profitability?” This is what Accountiviti can do for your organization.



Accountiviti Advisors is a leading US-based virtual accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing partner to small businesses and non-profit organizations located in any city or town within the United States. We have been keeping clients books for them virtually since 2005. Clients hire our team of dedicated experienced CFO’s and Accountants as back-office to save them lots of money, headaches and increase profitability.

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